Inside Flow: The Brand

The 3 important elements

Flow Sequencing

An intelligent sequencing of asanas lets you deepen your breath. Also your body embodies the emotional state of the music so you can connect to your feelings.


Vinyasa is pranayama advanced. Expansion and contraction of the body supports the breathing and teaches you to control your breath during a dynamic sequence.


We believe that music is the ultimate and direct gateway to our inner soul. The embodiment of the sound is profound and deep. Music is holy and and music can make you whole.


Klang des Herzens (Inside Flow Concert) – Frankfurt

Inside Flow Kick Off at Inside Yoga Conference (Whole Class) – Frankfurt

Inside Yoga Conference – Frankfurt

Inside Flow Concert – Korea


Inside Flow is one of the most powerful and accessible forms of body expression in the Yoga practice today. It provides a space that is structured enough for students to feel confident, and open enough to move authentically and joyfully to the rhythm and groove of the music.

Matt Giordano

The founder of Inside Flow

Inside Flow is Vinyasa 2.0

Young Ho was born in South Korea and moved to Germany as a teenager. From an impressive career in Martial Arts, he fell in love with yoga. Though he learned many styles from various teachers, he struggled to find a sense of belonging. His insight was to blend all of his knowledge to create a fusion that created his own style of yoga.

Young Ho has since established the most renowned studio in Germany – Inside Yoga (All you need is inside) – based in Frankfurt. His scientific, non-dogmatic approach to Yoga blends with the simplicity of Zen Buddhism, with his down-to-earth style of teaching inspiring yogis and yoginis all across Europe and Asia. Young Ho truly believes in evolution and is always seeking for improvement and ongoing education.